Check out this blog for Autumn 2020's best nail trends!
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Autumn Nail Trends

Now we are officially in autumn (for those not clinging on to summer colours still!) I wanted to share with you my favourites of this seasons new trends.

Although leopard print will always be on trend, this season we see designs like tortoiseshell and giraffe prints making a splash.

These subtle yet effective designs are all the rage this autumn and I don’t know about you but I LOVE them!

Another popular trend is nude nails with splashes of colour, often different on each nail or even just a hint of some kind of print. If this is a little toooo much for you, you can always have an accent nail or two!

Matt nails are very in right now as well or a combo of matt too coat with some gloss detail applied afterwards to give your nails a real wow factor.

French manicures have always been popular but this season it’s more subtle with thin white tips in more creative styles and shapes rather than the thick square tips reminiscent of the 00’s, team this with almond shaped nails to give a really fresh and modern look. Alternatively, you can have coloured tips for an even funkier feel. One colour or a different colour on each!

All glitter nails are going to be very in this autumn/winter. You know the ones you normally save for Christmas or New Year which is fine by me as I looooove glitter. You can never have too much in my opinion!

Deep greens and purples are going to be a huge hit this season too. Really rich deep colours which work fab with accents of gold so a touch of simple nail art such as some foil work amazingly with them.

Potter's Pinkies CND Shellac green nails with gold nail art.
Green nails with accents of gold

Lastly, almost white nails. These nails are ones you have to do a double take to check if they are in fact pure white or not.

They may not immediately make you think of autumn but they gorgeous and will stand out against the winter clothing you may be wearing. A real pop of brightness. CND have a gorgeous colour called Pointe Blanc that’s a lovely creamy pinky white colour which I have in my collection and has been super popular this year so far. There are others available with a slight blue tinge too which also look great.

If you’d like to try any of these trends them I’m here to help and thanks for reading!